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  • Our families
    Our families
  • SIF Volunteers raising awareness
    SIF Volunteers raising awareness
  • Geeta Chincholkar
    Geeta Chincholkar
    From poor farmer's widow to rural entrepreneur
  • Our Financial Information
    Our Financial Information
    As of Q3 2015
  • BoriSinh village meeting
    BoriSinh village meeting
    SIF volunteer Preshit Dalal along with Yashwantrao Yadav and Mr. Vijay Kadre of local NGO Deendayal Trust, talking to the farmers.
  • Mangalamma Madu
    Mangalamma Madu
    Farmer from Varuna village, near Mysore, Karntaka needs loan for paddy cultivation
  • Kisan Mitra
    Kisan Mitra
    In Maharashtra, any farmer can call and leave a voice message for us at 02233836081
  • Tanba Pendor
    Tanba Pendor
    Farmer from Pathari village in Vidarbha, Maharashtra
  • Old Age and still working...
    Old Age and still working...
  • Family of Sanjay Nagose
    Family of Sanjay Nagose

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.”
~Brenda Schoepp
According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, since 1994, a farmer commits suicide every 41 minutes. The main objective of Save Indian Farmers (SIF) is to promote awareness regarding the issue of farmer suicides, support the families of the victims and fund projects that will help farmers and their families in the long run.

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We have successfully completed our first international fund raising campaign for repairing canal and minor tank in Pathari village of Maharashtra, India. Here is more information about the project.

Who are we?

Save Indian Farmers LLC is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)organization established to address issues related to farmers’ suicides in India. The organization is funded by people like you who work hard and are also socially conscious about issues.

Our Mission

The main objective of the organization is to promote awareness regarding the issue of farmer suicides, help the families of the victims and fund projects that will help farmers build a sustainable means of livelihood.

In short term:

We will help widows of the farmers who did not get any government help. This is actually an investment to help these ladies stand on their own feet and become entrepreneurs who can lead their family out of poverty. We have helped 65 families so far. Check out Our Impact page to find out more.

In mid term:

We are actively working with experts on the ground to identify issues that can be addressed in a year’s time. We are investigating how much of the debt of farmers is due to seed and fertilizer costs. We are interested in partnering with NGOs in India to identify 8-10 families in distress under debt burden and help them with technology, financial assistance as well as government schemes to reduce the debt.

In long term:

We are keen to expand into Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with some of the successful ideas that we are implementing in Maharashtra. We also wish to partner with more NGOs, apply for corporate grants and increase the reach and scale of our fundraisers. We are working on rural skill development as well as counseling farmers to empower them with knowledge.